Own the Learning

Motivated by this post, I interviewed a few students today and asked them how they feel about school.  One replied, “At the end of the day, I just go home and sleep, because I have no will to do anything else.”


Sometimes innovation seems overwhelming.  How can we shake things up?

SchoolVsLearningMy student interviewees got excited at the idea of owning their learning.  One student said her favorite class is AP Art, not because art is her favorite subject, but because, “I get to choose my concentration. I come up with my ideas.  I love the creative side of me coming out.”  Another student loves a project she did in history last year, where she got to choose to read any American history book she wanted and do a book report.  It was just a regular old written book report, but she loved it, because she had choice in her learning.  All the interviewees got excited at the thought of studying a book of their choice in English instead of studying a class novel.

Innovation can be as simple as stepping aside and giving your students choice.

Maybe that’s a place to start. Comment your thoughts!



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